Martin Wittfooths Beautiful and Disturbing Paintings of Animals in Post-Apocalyptic Settings

Martin Wittfooth’s intensely allegorical paintings all suggest the future of the human condition — without showing a single person. The Brooklyn-based painter has transcended the illustrative genre and entered into the realm of modern masterworks, using a time-honored painterly tradition that may be painstaking, but reveals incredible depth in both medium and content. His paintings are haunting in that they have a feeling of real possibility. The familiar scenes hint of dystopia and disrepair; their animal subjects are beautiful, but also betray that something in this world is amiss. In light of the long-awaited recognition and acceptance of climate change, Wittfooth’s work has an undercurrent of forewarning about what could happen if humans don’t get our act together. We spoke to the artist about his post-apocalyptic vision, classic style, and the  of using animals instead of people as subjects.

I think this ought to be brought to the SNM fandom’s attention.  There is currently an indiegogo project about people who have made it to NYC from the Columbus, Ohio area.  I know that doesn’t have much to do with all of us.  But what DOES, is that our beloved Erik Abbott-Main is involved. 

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Or you could just watch this video 10 times in a row?  (Because I totally did NOT do that.)

On a related note, Mr. EAM is also showing an excerpt of his work on the 16th and 17th.  Maybe someone could go for me and hide in a corner somewhere?  (More info: