Von sings Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” Live in 2014 at the USSSA Girls Softball World Series Opening Ceremonies.

Ok so this is mainly made up of my shitty shaky cam skills.. and I always hate it and feel stupid.  It’s hard when you randomly get thrown different video cameras that you’ve never operated before every time you have to do this.. I told him this earlier like.. “aww the camera sucks” and he’s like “no it doesn’t, it’s fine..you always say that”.. 


The Bizarre Jessica Wohl ‘Hairy Staircase’ Art

Jessica Wohl put creepy hair down a staircase in Mountainaire Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas.with horror-movie- style decor, or wonder what Cousin Itt’s choice of interior touches would include, it’s safe to say the Jessica Wohl ‘Hairy Staircase’ would be the go-to installation.

Artist Wohl disturbingly decked out a set of stairs in the Mountainaire Hotel, an abandoned location that was perfectly fit for the creepy climbable exhibit. Using synthetic hair, steel, and fabric, the results resemble an enveloped escalator covered in long locks that spill into the entryway.

The Jessica Wohl ‘Hairy Staircase’ are the type of shockingly shaggy steps to would make only Rapunzel feel right at home.

(via asylum-art)

My birthday is on Thursday.


Let’s see which one of my family members will say something.

My mom still calls on my bday and will allude to things without actually saying happy birthday. It’s lame as shit.